BayFM urgently needs to raise $250,000* to replace its broken-down old studios

Raise Your Voice is BayFM’s biggest-ever fundraising appeal – because the station needs more help than ever before. Our ageing broadcast equipment is literally falling apart and even becoming dangerous. We desperately need to build new studios – otherwise it could be the end for BayFM. Please don’t let that happen!

Why BayFM is vital to the Byron Shire

• BayFM is the voice of Byron Shire. If you live here, BayFM is Your Voice.
• If you live somewhere else, BayFM brings a bit of Byron sunshine into your life whenever you need it. Listen on anytime.
• BayFM has served our region continuously for over 30 years.
• BayFM amplifies and connects our entire community and is free to everyone.
• We help worthy causes get messages out, provoke debate and make things happen.
• We broadcast over 5,200 Community Service Announcements each year – free.
• We shed light on local issues – homelessness, housing, environment and much more.
• We conduct 3,300 interviews with locals and other influential people each year.
• We publicise regional services and spread the word on local events.
• We promote local musicians and artists free of charge.
• Our award-winning newsroom presents hundreds of hours of news every year.
• We broadcast emergency bulletins during bushfire, floods and COVID.
• We help to find lost dogs and cats – even parrots!

Why we desperately need your help

• Community radio is free to listen to, but it’s not free to make. Good radio equipment costs money – and as a community, not-for-profit radio station, money is something we simply don’t have.
• We’ve limped along with our ageing equipment but now things are really desperate. Things stop working almost daily and we’re worried our equipment could fail altogether.
• New equipment means better shows, more guests, more radio training for locals.
• BayFM is 100% independent. There’s no commercial backing to help us out.
• BayFM receives no ongoing support from any level of government.
• BayFM is volunteer run. We rely on lots of big-hearted people working for nothing.
• BayFM is not for profit. We need every cent of the money we raise. There are no profit-seeking media moguls lurking in the corridors of BayFM. We don’t even have any corridors.

How you can help – right now

• Support us with whatever you can – thank you thank you thank you.
• Spread the word and encourage your friends and family to give too.
• Encourage friends and family members to match your gift. Bid each other up.
• If you have a business become an Appeal Partner. Contact us.
• Offer goods and services that we can sell or auction to raise more money. Contact us.
• Attend Raise Your Voice events – Launch Party, Pool Party, Beach Party. See  for details.
• Volunteer your time, skills and creative energy to help make this thing huge!

Raise Your Voice. Lift our community. Support BayFM.

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*BayFM is a Registered Charity. All donations to Raise Your Voice over $2 are tax-deductible.