Broadcast live every week on BayFM, Activista helps you be a better activist at a time when the world needs you most. Presented by Nell Schofield (ex and Brett Solomon (CEO, Activista explores a wide range of campaign tactics with a healthy dose of humour and irreverence. And it’s now available as a podcast here.


From the Power of the Whiteboard (episode #2) to Making the Most of the Media Moment (Episode #4), each 15-minute episode investigates cool tools to add to your kit. Tune in to find out how to make your meeting matter with a tight agenda, an open mind, and, most importantly, tasty cheese and wine.

Learn how to Chair a meeting and get the most out of your team by always making space for the quietest voices in the room – their ideas could well be the key to your campaign’s success.

Episode #5 (Tuesday, Feb 8) takes a magnifying glass to the small print on petitions to reveal their unique ability to shape society. Old fashioned paper versions have made way for the game-changer, with a proven campaign reach of over 19 million people. A solid wrench in the activists’ tool belt, petitions help build political power, so strap on and tune in for some expert advice on how best to harness them.

With loads of experience on climate campaigns such as #StopAdani and #landwaterfuture, Nell presents Roadtrip from 4 pm – 6 pm each Tuesday evening. Brett joins her live in the studio from 5.30 pm. He brings his deep knowledge of movement building from his early days with Amnesty International and as CEO of Getup! to his global leadership role in today’s digital rights sphere.

These two old colleagues break it down and explain how to be a totally kick-ass activist.

Nell Scofield & Brett Solomon
Nell Scofield & Brett Solomon