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Life, music and culture from the Portuguese speaking world.

Lusofonia is a weekly radio show aired live between 1-2pm AEST each Friday on Bay FM 99.9 in Byron Bay Australia and online worldwide on

It was created and coordinated by Fernando de Freitas, and is hosted by Renata Guerra, Jeferson Franke and Bruno Bah on alternate weeks.

The English-speaking program showcases and celebrates the life, music and cultures of the Lusophone or Portuguese language world. 


Through a mix of diverse music, interesting discussion, interviews, stories, news, and events, the program entertains and informs Lusophones in the diaspora and Lusophiles alike, as well  as the general community – especially people interested in culture, history, politics, music and world affairs.

Lusophones are people who speak the Portuguese language, either as native speakers or as learners. “Luso” derives from the Latin word for the ancient area known today as Portugal, Lusitania. “Phone” comes from the Ancient Greek word phōnē, meaning “voice”.

There are about 280 million Portuguese speakers worldwide, making it the sixth most spoken in the world. Countries that are part of the Lusosphere include:

Angola; Brazil; Cape Verde; Goa (India); Timor-Leste; Equitorial Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Macau (China); Mozambique; Portugal; Sao Tome and Principe.

24 Sep 2021, 1pm

24 Sep 2021, 1pm Lusofonia Lusofonia Podcast – 24 September 2021

17 Sep 2021, 1pm

17 Sep 2021, 1pm Lusofonia Lusofonia Podcast – 17 September 2021

10 Sep 2021, 1pm

10 Sep 2021, 1pm Lusofonia Lusofonia Podcast – 10 September 2021

3 Sep 2021, 1pm

3 Sep 2021, 1pm Lusofonia Lusofonia Podcast – 3 September 2021

27 Aug 2021, 1pm

27 Aug 2021, 1pm Lusofonia Lusofonia Podcast – 27 August 2021