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Anchor / Executive Producer: Mia Armitage

Contributors: Anny Reed; Rob Osborne; Dr John Jiggens; Kate Payne; Sean O’Shannessy (Environmental As Anything, RIver FM); Suzie Fawcet; Jim Beatson; Fernando de Freitas; Julie Beesley; Michelle Michels; Jodee Sydney; Dione Green;  Riddhi; Eve Sinton; Giles Parkinson; The Wire; National Radio News Service; Community Radio Network

Pic: student climate action strike in Byron, 2019 – Michelle Michels



1 Dec 2023, 11am

1 Dec 2023, 11am Community Newsroom

24 Nov 2023, 11am

24 Nov 2023, 11am Community Newsroom

17 Nov 2023, 9pm

17 Nov 2023, 9pm Community Newsroom Sixteen-year-old Byron Bay high school student Alani Field lived through the Northern Rivers floods and landslides disasters of 2022 and says the experience brought climate change 'poof' into her face. She says the Labor federal government is failing to deliver on its net zero commitments by approving new fossil fuels projects and is calling for people to divest in favour of renewables. PIC: Byron Student Strike 4 Climate 2023 organiser Alani Field, Byron Bay (Mia Armitage)

17 Nov 2023, 11am

17 Nov 2023, 11am Community Newsroom

10 Nov 2023, 11am

10 Nov 2023, 11am Community Newsroom

3 Nov 2023, 11am

3 Nov 2023, 11am Community Newsroom