Wirritjin host Darren McElroy (DJ Terra Nullus)

It’s National Reconciliation Week (May 27 – June 3) and The Wirritjin radio show will keep you up to date with all the latest on this and other issues relating to indigenous Australia.

The show attempts to dispel negative stereotypes and address racism in a non-bias dialog and identify the systemic colonial ideals that still disadvantage the original people of Australia.

Australia has one of the oldest living cultures in the world. This culture and the people have retained their songs, dance and cultural practices despite being colonised in 1788 by the British. Throughout this time the original people were scattered from home lands and forced to assimilate into the colonisers culture. The colonisers culture has grown with little to no inclusion of the original culture and is rife with stereotypes, racism and colonial ideals.

The Wirritjin show is on the airwaves every Monday 2pm until 4pm. Produced and presented by Darren McElroy (DJ Terra Nullus) who is a descendant of the Ramindjeri people from South Australia coupled with an Irish genealogy that originated in Australia around the 1860s.

And heads up: there’s a Walk for Truth and Treaty led by Arakwal leader Aunty Delta Kay heading off at 10 am from the Visitors Centre in Railway Park, Byron Bay on Monday June 3.

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