The Mullumbimby Repair Cafe needs you! If you’ve got any skills fixing things like tables or coffee machines, why not join the creative community hub in the old Mullum Railway Shed?

From 1.30 – 4pm each Saturday, local fixers gather to fix whipper snippers, blenders, old clocks and other items otherwise destined for landfill, and breathe new life into them.

Sophie Wilksch who runs the Repair Cafe and Shedding Community Workshop is calling out for people with skills in electrical repairs, carpentry, driving trailers, welding, turning a screwdriver anti-clockwise etc. Or just head over to 18 Prince St, Mullumbimby to hang out in the cafe and soak up the good vibes.

Sophie set up the Shedding concept to use carpentry and building skills as an avenue to positive mental health. Hear her talk about the project here.