Radio Latina is a weekly radio show featuring a diverse mix of traditional and contemporary music genres and rhythms from Latin America and Spain.

It also includes news, updates, interviews, and current affairs from all over Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world, taking you on a cultural journey where you might want to sing, dance, or just chill.

There is such cultural diversity within Spanish-speaking countries and hosts Yolanda and Camilo find great joy in sharing the richness, vibrancy, and variety of music from each country.

Radio Latina aims at being a point of connection for the Spanish-speaking community both in the Northern Rivers and Australia, with reflected guests from Latin America, Brazil, and Spain. 

The show is bilingual which further encourages connection to the Byron community and live music at live community events.

Meet The Hosts:

Yolanda has been the main presenter and producer since Radio Latina first hit the airwaves more than 20 years ago. Born into a musical family in Mexico City, her childhood was filled with memories of being surrounded by music. No matter how little people had, music connected them and gave them so much happiness.

Since migrating to Australia over 30 years ago, she has been involved with numerous Latin American musical groups and cultural projects, both in Sydney and the Northern Rivers.

As a Spanish language teacher, interpreter and translator she has always had an interest in the spoken word, so Radio Latina is the perfect fit to communicate and share her passion and love of Latin culture through broadcasting on BayFM.


Camilo grew up in a musical environment surrounded by instruments. As a child he used to play around with his cousins during salsa band rehearsals at home, where his uncle played the trombone. He absorbed music from his father, who used to be a radio presenter as well as a music collector.

He joined Radio Latina in 2022 and feels fortunate to be part of BayFM as a presenter and have the opportunity to promote the wealth of Latin American music, which is deeply complex. He is a music educator, piano performer, and music collector, always alert to new releases, tours, and musical novelties. He believes that music has the virtue to connect people regardless of nationality, language, or beliefs.

In other words, music is not a flag, it is just a gift given to everyone, regardless of whether you play music or just listen to it and truly appreciate it.

Radio Latino Radio Show goes to air every Sunday from 2pm to 4pm on BayFM 99.9 also streaming live on

Playback of recent broadcasts are also available on our BayFM page:

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