Sister Rasela, the host of BayFM’s Belly Show, has headed north to the top of the East Coast of Australia on a radio adventure in her trusted LandCruiser. Here she wanders the rainforests and small bustling villages, meeting locals and recording their conversations to learn about life in Far North Queensland from the Daintree to Pajinka.

Sister Rasela's radio adventures from the Daintree to Pajinka
Sister Rasela

In the midst of the oldest rainforest on the earth, Sister Rasela stumbles upon an ice cream shop. Betty Hinton is an organic, biodynamic ice-cream maker as well as a distinguished botanical illustrator. In the lush wild garden of her home, Betty creates ice cream “the way it’s meant to be”.

At the Archer River Roadhouse, Sister Rasela meets the #yeahthegirlsFNQ and they embark on an adventure together that leads all the way to Punsand Bay on the shores of the Torres Strait, which hold a deep connection to Rasela’s ancestral roots.

Listen to this delicious radio show from Daintree to Pajinka 

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