Untangling the Yarn is a new audio documentary series highlighting the personal stories of people living with dementia and other memory loss conditions.

One in 12 Australians over the age of 65 are living with some form of dementia, and the primary goal of this series is to help remove the stigma and fear surrounding this condition, and to raise awareness that it is still possible for people with dementia to live fulfilling lives.

The series features interviews with a variety of colourful characters from the Byron Shire and surrounding areas, who, despite their loss of memory and other cognitive function, still manage to engage with their community, enjoy their favourite hobbies and find joy in their daily lives.

Each episode of the 12-part series will feature one or more of these people as they share treasured memories and talk about what their lives are like now. They will also include interviews with carers from the Byron Shire Respite Service, information about dementia and degenerative memory loss conditions, tips for family members and carers, and original music by Mullumbimby singer-songwriter Chris Mallory. 

Untangling the Yarn is produced by presenter Dione Green from the Make a Change show Wednesdays from 10am on Bay FM.

This series is a collaboration between Bay FM, the Byron Shire Respite Service and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

For more information on dementia head to Dementia Australia and Australian Government Dementia Resources