Lusofonia is our weekly program showcasing and celebrating the life, music and cultures of the Lusophone, the Portuguese language world. 

Presented in English, the show was created and is coordinated by Fernando de Freitas, hosted by Jeferson Franke and Fred Ramanzini on alternate weeks.

Through a mix of diverse music, interesting discussions, interviews, stories, news, and events, the program entertains and informs Lusophones in the diaspora and Lusophiles alike, as well as the general community – especially people interested in culture, history, politics, music and world affairs.

Lusophones are people who speak the Portuguese language, either as native speakers or as learners. “Luso” derives from the Latin word for the ancient area known today as Portugal, Lusitania. “Phone” comes from the Ancient Greek word phōnē, meaning “voice”.

There are about 280 million Portuguese speakers worldwide, making it the sixth most spoken in the world. Countries that are part of the Lusosphere include:

Angola; Brazil; Cape Verde; Goa (India); Timor-Leste; Equitorial Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Macau (China); Mozambique; Portugal; Sao Tome and Principe.

Meet Your Hosts:

Fred Ramanzini is a multilingual expert in culture acquisition and diffusion. Holding a B.A. in Language Studies and fluent in five languages, Fred brings cultures to life while sharing music on the radio and teaching languages. He also creates opportunities for cultural appreciation and enrichment through connected dances. With a focus on the uplifting vibes of Brazilian style “forró”, Fred believes “Dancing together create profound connections”, and he is eager to connect with others, navigate cultural differences, and create meaningful experiences.

Jeferson Franke

Jeferson is a gaúcho passionate about the culture of his country Brazil. His curious mind never stops to search for more songs, cultures, and history. Having been presenting the Lusofonia show since 2019 he has found himself amazed travelling inside the richness and abundance of all luso countries. He also believes in the power of community radio, which gives voice to the unheard, to the unseen, to the unknown.

Lusofonia Radio Show goes to air every Friday from 1pm – 2pm at Bayfm 99.9 also streaming live from Byron Bay Australia and online worldwide on

Playback of recent broadcasts are also available here.

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