The Lismore Regional Gallery was hit hard by last year’s catastrophic flood and is still not back in its old building. Instead it has been showcasing exhibitions in different offsite pop-up spaces around town including one in Magellen Street where the show Lismore Encore was recently on display.

Artists and architects were asked to explore ideas for the future of this flood town, which will inevitably experience more extreme weather events as the breakdown of our climate continues and they’ve come up with some really exciting scenarios. 

Artist and architecture academic Dr Sandra Kaji-O’Grady is the co-curator of the show and she is particularly excited about one by the West Australian firm WOHA Futures, led by founding partner Richard HASSEL. WOHA’s vision is to demolish the historic CBD and build an insurable, flood-proof new sustainable city on the rubble of the past.

Listen in to her interview on BayFM here.