Yes23 co-chair Rachel Perkins recently appeared on BayFM where she discussed the importance of voting for postitive change in the upcoming referendum. Tune in here.

A proud Arrente and Kalkadoon woman with German and Irish heritage, Rachel is one of Australia’s most significant filmmakers and storytellers. The daughter of indigenous rights activist Charlie Perkins, she told BayFM Journalist Michelle Michels that voting Yes would significantly improve the lives of Australian Aboriginal people.

She highlighted the significance of The Voice, a proposed constitutional change that would give Indigenous people a say in shaping legislation decisions about their communities in parliament. Perkins believes that this representation is crucial as it allows policies to be shaped with advice from individuals who have firsthand experience and knowledge.

Moreover, Perkins said that the recognition of Aboriginal people in the Constitution would not hinder the possibility of future treaty-making. This reassurance is essential as it addresses concerns that constitutional recognition might impede or replace the potential for treaties between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Hear the full interview here.