Meet the cosmos at acclaimed Northern Rivers artist Lindy Lee’s mind-blowing new show.

‘Flowing Everywhere and Always’ is the current culmination of a singular artistic and spiritual practice for this most revered contemporary artist.

Working with elements like fire, wood and water Lee burns holes in the thickest art paper she can get her hands on. During the 2022 floods she embraced the force of nature by leaving paper outside for six weeks.

“Rain. She’s such a great artist,” she muses.

Lee’s work is in all major museums and galleries, including the National Gallery of Australia which expects delivery of her epic ‘Ouroboros’ later next year. Controversial for being the most expensive work ever made in this country, the interactive sculpture of a snake eating its tale speaks of the eternal return and always coming back to this inclusive moment.

“Everything in the universe that has come together to make you and me,” she explains

Lindy grew up in Brisbane and finally settled in the Northern rivers eight years ago and you can marvel at her insights right now in real time and space at theTweed Regional Gallery, Murwillumbah. 

Hear Lindy chat with Nelly below.