Another financial year end is upon us and everybody is having an ‘EOFY’ sale. But before you splurge on all the goodies they’re selling, how about earmarking a bit of cash to support BayFM?!

Without the support of listeners like you we can’t broadcast the diverse programming that makes BayFM a unique and vital part of our community.

We’ve been on a major fundraising drive this past year – our biggest ever – to replace our ailing and failing broadcast studios. Our initial goal was to bring in a total of $250,000 to give our studios the 20 year update they desperately need. The good news is we’re over halfway to that target!

Through a variety of fundraising initiatives, grant seeking, CD sales, dance parties and the generosity of our wonderful community, BayFM has raised over $150,000. This has enabled us to refit our larger Studio 1 and upgrade our main control room (the place with all the wires and flashing lights!).

We now need to refit Studio 2, soundproof and redecorate both studios and renovate the reception area and office. Then we’ll be good to go for another 20 years! We’re well over half way there and with your help, we can bring this baby home.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation or phone BayFM on (02) 6680 7999.

If you make the donation via our website you will be sent an automatic tax receipt so that you can claim your deduction this financial year. Alternatively, you can transfer your donation directly to our bank, but you’ll need to contact us directly so we can issue a tax receipt.

Thanks for supporting Byron’s own and only radio station – BayFm 99.9!