The Mud Trail is ON! 23-24 October 2021

Love the feel and look of a handmade mug or vase? Then get on the 2021 Mud Trail. This free, self-guided event features the work of seventeen local potters and ceramicists, many of whom are holding talks and demonstrations in their atmospheric studios.

From the crystalline glazes on Peter Smith’s pots at Round Mountain Pottery at Cabarita Beach to Janet Fraser’s Hoof Print Pottery in Nashua, the Mud Trail takes you inside the highly personal worlds of some of the best craftspeople in the region.

Studio Suvira
Studio Suvira

Up in the hills at Goonengerry, Amiten O’Keeffe gathers fallen timber and fires in a wood kiln to honour the elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Lucy Phillips, who has now joined Ruby & Frank Studio in Federal, makes pots on the wheel and from clay slabs reflecting “the beauty and awkward imperfections of being human”.

Mullumbimby hosts a fabulous cluster of six creatives celebrating their own unique take on the sensation of ceramics. Throwing, slip-casting and hand building using coils of stoneware and porcelain clay is Tali Cohen-Flantz’s methodology and you will be able to decorate one of her plates in her studio Keramika. Jacqui Sosnowki will demonstrate Obvara, the 12th-century Baltic surface treatment that uses only natural ingredients at Sos Ceramics at 10 am on both Saturday 23 and Sunday 24. Bookings are essential for these $25 events on 0411 424 031.

Sasha Scheiner Ceramics are both sculptural and functional, bringing art to life. Sasa’s sensual sculptural forms invite the viewer to engage in a tactile response. She will be demonstrating ‘How I make my coiled bowls on  Saturday & Sunday from 10:30 am – 11:15 am.

North Coast Mud Trail