Byron Farmers Market turns 20

December 2023 marks the 20th birthday of Byron Farmers Market – one of the longest-running farmers markets in Australia.

Byron Farmers Market was started in 2002 by a handful of local farmers – some of whom are still at the market – who wanted to be able to sell directly to the public and reduce food miles. It has grown from half a dozen stalls to over 75 – all local farmers and producers.

“Before the farmers market most of us were selling via agents in the cities and sometimes, when market prices were low, you would actually get a bill back. They treated us poorly and we had no control. Then when the farmers market started, we could sell our produce directly to the customers. Not only did we get fair prices but our customers expressed gratitude for growing their food. There’s really no comparison, both from a financial and psychological point of view.” Founding member, Anthony Hotson, of Rainforest Foods.

Celebrate with a one hour audio story wandering through the farmers markets of the Shire recording our communities love for these iconic gathering spots that feed our souls and bring us closer to one another in every positive way possible.

This project was made possible with assistance from the Community Broadcast Foundation, BayFM 99.9 and the participants of Sista Radio.

Happy 20th Birthday Byron Farmers Market. This one is for you!

Listen here: